Michael Jackson Moves Out Of Vegas Home

By Anonymous

Today’s Sun reports on the rumored house-hunting trip this week to St. Michaels by Michael Jackson. The self-proclaimed King of Pop reportedly spent Thursday night at the Inn at Perry Cabin. The hotel’s general manager refused comment (as if anybody at The Sun actually expected him to talk about it?), but reports were that Jackson was travelling with bodyguards as part of an entourage. He reportedly looked at one house in Queen Anne’s County and two in Talbot County.

Locals assumed a helicopter in the area was paparazzi seeking photographs, but the fact that it stayed some distance away was attributed to a no-fly zone implemented when Vice President Cheney purchase a house there. The article mentions that there also rumors of Julia Roberts looking at property in the area as well as supposed sightings of Eric Clapton’s sailboat. Also mentioned are houses owned by two former presidential press secretaries (which ones?) and a former Secretary of Defense (Rumsfeld?)

The Easton Star Democrat first broke the story (you can’t read the story here unless you subscribe to the newspaper however, since they’re using that flawed model for their website.) WBAL TV reported on the rumors Friday night as well, although there’s no story on their website about it. Video footage (not available on the station site or their Youtube section) on the station (taken from the aforementioned helicopter) showed people holding white sheets up while someone exited the hotel and entered a limousine.

The Daily Dish reports that Jackson is moving out of his Las Vegas mansion today because the lease is expiring. Security concerns there, where the singer moved from Ireland in December, were cited. His rep recently denied rumors that he was bedridden an on medication.

Jackson will be releasing a new album late 2007/early 2008.

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