DJ Green Lantern Presents Styles Of Beyond Razor Tag Mixtape Download

By Anonymous

Straight underground ish.

1. Nobody Does It Better
2. Razor Tag
3. Gats N Party Hats
4. Hard
5. It's Us
6. Godz In Da Front (Featuring Demigodz)
7. Hey You (Featuring Mike Shinoda)
8. You Cannot ~censored~ With This (Featuring Celph Titled)
9. Here We Come (Featuring Apathy)
10. World Famous
11. Take That
12. Bring It Back (Featuring Demigodz)
13. Murderer (Featuring Celph Titled)
14. Live At The BBQ (Featuring Demigodz)
15. Story Begind
16. Bangin' S.O.B.
17. Kill 'em In The Face (Featuring Bishop Lamont)
18. Get Involved
19. They Don't Know
20. Journey
21. Outro
22. Savin' L.A. [BONUS TRACK] (Featuring Bishop Lamont)
23. Second 2 None [BONUS TRACK] (Featuring Mike Shinoda)

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