Kat Deluna

By Anonymous
She's not Shaikra but she'll hold you over til J'Lo hits up the spot. Her single Whine Up is the theme song to this year's Summerslam PPV.

1. 9 Lives (Intro)
2. Run The Show (Feat. Shaka Dee)
3. Am I Dreaming
4. Whine Up (Feat. Elephant Man)
5. Feel What I Feel
6. Love Me, Leave Me
7. In The End
8. Love Confusion
9. Animal
10. Be Remembered (Feat. Shaka Dee)
11. Enjoy Saying Goodbye
12. Whine Up (En Español) *Bonus
13. Como Un Sueno (Am I Dreaming En Español) *Bonus
14. Run The Show (En Español) *Bonus

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Thanks to Ali!

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