Kat Deluna

She's not Shaikra but she'll hold you over til J'Lo hits up the spot. Her single Whine Up is the theme song to this year's Summerslam PPV.

1. 9 Lives (Intro)
2. Run The Show (Feat. Shaka Dee)
3. Am I Dreaming
4. Whine Up (Feat. Elephant Man)
5. Feel What I Feel
6. Love Me, Leave Me
7. In The End
8. Love Confusion
9. Animal
10. Be Remembered (Feat. Shaka Dee)
11. Enjoy Saying Goodbye
12. Whine Up (En Español) *Bonus
13. Como Un Sueno (Am I Dreaming En Español) *Bonus
14. Run The Show (En Español) *Bonus

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Thanks to Ali!

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