Leaks Are Good For The Music Industry Pt. 2

By Anonymous
Now that I have posted that nice little article I would like to follow up and kind of explain some things. Lately I have been feeling a little down about what I do, especially when it comes to the indie guys. They don't get millions of dollars to produce a record like some of these "artists" but I find myself always enjoying their music much more.

The only reason I put links up is so you guys don't have to spend your money on just hype. It's no secret record companies need you more than you need them, they'll use any clever marketing to get you to put money in their hands. I buy a lot of albums after I download them but only if they're worth my money.

If I don't buy an album it's because it was garbage and it's not worth my money, if it's not worth my money then it's not worth space on my iPod, hardrive, or anything else.

So guys if you like an album that I post or you download from somewhere else please support the little guys, they deserve it more than your 50 Cents of the music industry.

Do I hate 50 Cent?
Yeh, who doens't?

Do I hate him because he makes horrible "music"?
No, I hate him because he's so arrogant to the point that he tries manipulating his fans into buying his album instead of Kanye West to keep him from"retiring". Please.

So in closing download, reload, spend cash where it's deserved, and have a nice day courtesy of The Leak Source.

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