Unsigned Spotlight : Reazson

By Anonymous
I know I don't really show respect to the rap and hip-hop game that much anymore because in my opinion there's not much there right now to respect. Sometimes you have to look further than your BET, MTV, and Top 40 Stations to find something that isn't all about the materialistic stuff. One of the blog's readers instant messaged me and asked me to check out a new face in the rap game. I didn't hesitate because I love new music.

Reazson and his boy Dustin are a rap duo out of Ohio. From the first bar I heard from Another Problem I knew there was something different about these boys. The beats are musically stripped of the glam you get on the radio, but they're just intriguing enough to make you focus on what really matters. Lyrically everyone can always improve, but for these guys I'll say there's not a hell of a lot they do wrong.

Check 'em out out on their Myspace.
And get back to me with some comments if you like em, hate em, or want you or your band featured. One last thing you can also check them out with some of their newer stuff over at DiscoverStars.


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