Who Is DMS?

By Anonymous
He's one bad motherfucker.

But honestly I'm 19 and reside in sunny Florida, that's in the United States for my international visitors. I enjoy a lot of different things, mostly video games, movies, and a lot of different types of music. I don't really have a favorite genre and I really do listen to almost anything EXCEPT screamo. I have an amazing girlfriend with who I just celebrated our 7th month anniversary. If there's anything you guys want to just chat about feel free to message me.

Places you can reach me.

Instant Messaging :
AIM - DmSteveX
MSN - dm.steve@hotmail.com
Yahoo - SeriousEffect07

Email : dmsleak@gmail.com

Other Websites
My Personal Myspace
My Xfire Gaming Profile

And as always if you guys need to put in feedback or requests feel free to drop a line in the shoutbox.

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