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By mixedupmixtapes

The Secret Handshake is the musical project of selftaught musician Luis Dubuc, who began performing under the name in the early 2000s. Dubuc first got his start playing in a couple of bands with his friends, most notably spending time as the drummer for metallic hardcore unit Thirty Called Arson, who released the album, You're Only a Rebel from the Waist Down, through Pluto Records in 2003. Inspired by artists like Michael Jackson and Daft Punk, he eventually began writing and recording some songs on the side in his Dallasbased bedroom with just a laptop and Wurlitzer to assist him. By November 2004, Dubuc had selfreleased his first fulllength album entitled Antarctica. Less than a year later, he followed up with the EP This is Bigger Than You and I, which was issued through Doll House Recordings. Momentum began building around his quirky, electro, laptop pop/rock that at times resembled Hellogoodbye's antics and that resonated with emo kids looking for a good time. Another EP, Summer of '98 (as in the summer before he started high school), was released in early 2007 through New York's Triple Crown Records, anchored by the vocoderheavy title track. Dubuc worked closely with his friend Cory Kildruff (from the Rise) on the album, which also contained remixes by acts like Dillinger Escape Plan and Spank Rock's Ronnie Darko. The Secret Handshake, whose live show includes a full band, spent fall 2007 on the road with Jonezetta.

- Corey Apar, All Music Guide

download:ONE FULL YEAR out sept 25th

EDIT : midnight movie mp3

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  1. daniel September 11, 2007 at 6:05 AM
    this isnt the album coming out its just a mix right? it doesnt have the song they have up on there myspace midnight movie and has loads of stuff thats already been realeased yeh, at least it will keep me goin thanks
  2. mixedupmixtapes September 11, 2007 at 1:21 PM
    yeah i belive this is the album....the last e.p. was just supposed to be like 3 of these songs and remixes....and i'm not for sure but i think midnight movie (the song on the myspace) is a bonus track....

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