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Wow! Took me long enough to get this review together but if any of you have a Wii but no Metroid then you should definitely go pick this game up. The game starts a little different then past game’s with Samus reporting to a station that gets attacked by the space pirates and not the usual crash landing. Before that you can notice the really beautiful graphics that the Wii is capable of producing by walking around the training stage. Instead of the usual text boxes the NPC’s now are voice acted so it adds a little something extra to the Metroid series but it’s still something Nintendo should work on improving. The worlds have been trimmed down from past titles so it’s more of a streamlined adventure and you wont be spending the hours getting lost in the beautiful art of the worlds (take that Roger Ebert!), some may argue this point and I agree it takes little of the series’ charm but it does not destroy the fun of Metroid. The game is little easier too so experienced bounty hunters might want to play on veteran setting. New additions to the game play are things that compliment the Wii console without making it look gimmicky. The way that some enemies require you to pull of their shield with the grapple beam is just awesome, the controls are fluid and the aiming is precise (not like Red Steel). The enemies are just as big as you’d expect from Metroid and Ripley makes an awesome entrance and boss fight. Metroid Prime 3 has been touted as the first blockbuster FPS of the fall and after this game it is a very believable statement. Retro Studios just gets better with each passing iteration of the franchise. So I you don’t yet have this game I suggest you go pick it up and enjoy one of video games’ most loved series.

Score: 9/10

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