Some Unplugged Stuff

By Anonymous
So someone requested some unplugged albums, here ya go. Enjoy and sorry that they're in rapidshit but I don't have time to wait for shurrit it to upload at the moment.

01-Alice In Chains-Nutshell
02-Alice In Chains-Brother
03-Alice In Chains-No Excuses
04-Alice In Chains-Sludge Factory
05-Alice In Chains-Down In A Hole
06-Alice In Chains-Angry Chair
07-Alice In Chains-Rooster
08-Alice In Chains-Got Me Wrong
09-Alice In Chains-Heaven Beside You
10-Alice In Chains-Would
11-Alice In Chains-Frogs
12-Alice In Chains-Over Now
13-Alice In Chains-Killer Is Me

Download Part 1
Download Part 2

1. Blind (Live) 3:29
2. Hollow Life (Live) 3:24
3. Freak On A Leash (Live) 3:55
4. Falling Away From Me (Live) 3:55
5. Creep (Live) 3:51
6. Love Song (Live) (MTV Unplugged) 3:50
7. Got The Life (Live) 3:48
8. Twisted Transistor (Live) 3:00
9. Coming Undone (Live) 3:35
10. Make Me Bad / In Between Days (Live) 5:35
11. Throw Me Away (Live)

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  1. Huge October 26, 2007 at 1:10 AM
    too bad there's no Metallica, but thanks :)

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