There really isn't much of a mix up if you think about it.

By Corey

To be completely honest, I have never been much of a Beastie Boys fan. I loved the single Girls but only because I heard it at a time when I was obsessed with them (not to say I am no longer) and I still enjoy it because it is a good song. But for some reason I never really listened to them. It probably has more to do with my stereotype against white rappers than the talent the possess. I should know better than to doubt a group shaped by the hands of Rick Rubin.

I don't know too much about the Beastie Boys. When the 5 Boroughs came out I dismissed it without a listen despite the advice of my friends. But I gave The Mix Up a spin just because it was instrumental. I am forever glad that I did.

The album is about six months old but still deserves some recognition. Twelve tracks of jazz fusion will put your faith back in hip hop. All of the tracks maintain a driving beat and don't expect to be blown away by inventive sounds achieved through elaborate effects. The album definitely finds a safe sound and sticks with it. On the other hand through elaborate melodies and song structure the boys prove the are top notch musicians.

Electric Worm has a syncopated beat with a familiar 80s wah sound in the background. You might say its a jazzier version of the Police or Bedouin Soundclash. 14th St. Break does a brilliant job of reinventing a single melody and will reinvent your concept of Jazz.

I have never been a big Beastie Boys fan but today I have been converted and you can bet that from now on I will be fighting for my right to listen to great white hip-hop.

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