CunninLynguists - Dirty Acres [Leak]

By Samurai_tbag

  1. Never Featuring Big Rube
  2. Valley Of Death
  3. Dirty Acres
  4. Kentucky (Interlude)
  5. K.K.K.Y.
  6. Wonderful Featuring Devin The Dude
  7. Yellow Lines Featuring Phonte And Witchdoctor
  8. The Park (Fresh Air) Featuring Chizuko Yoshihiro
  9. Summer's Gone
  10. They Call Me (Interlude)
  11. Gun Featuring Sheisty Khrist
  12. Dance For Me
  13. Georgia
  14. Things I Dream
  15. Mexico Featuring Club Dub

Release Date: 27th November, 2007.

As the fourth studio album by CunninLynguists, it's suprising how their style has changed from 'Will Rap for Food' to 'Dirty Acres'. Still the similar slow and soulful beats, all produced by Kno, and the lyrics are just as deep as the previous albums. If you're into less comercial/clubby/pop music, this might be your cup of... tea? (that's if you like tea)

Overall I'd rate this album highly for easy listening, if you've heard CunninLynguists before, the style has changed, but it's similar. They've got a few collaberations with southern artists (Devin The Dude, Phonte, etc...). Alternatively, if you haven't heard these guys before, think Common meets Jedi Mind Tricks.

My usual reminder, if you like it, go out and buy it! Support 'em!
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