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Omarion & Bow Wow - Face Off [Retail]
Both Omarion & Bow Wow both have been successfull with their solo projects, and having already collaborated before with hit "Let Me Hold You" they've decided to make an entire album together. Their single "Girlfriend" is slowly climbing up the charts, but I'm sure it's going to crack the Top 20. As for the album it came out pretty decent with good tracks all around. Omarion and Bow Wow really do make a good duo as cheesy as this sounds they kind of complete each other. Whenever you feel the song is missing something Bow Wow or Omarion is there to recover. So I would say if you enjoyed either of these artists albums you'll be sure to like this one. So check it out and BUY YOUR COPY DECEMBER 11TH!!

1. Face Off
2. Hood Star
3. Girlfriend
4. Hey Baby (Jump Off)
5. He Ain't Gotta Know
6. Bachelor Pad
7. Listen
8. Can't Get Tired of Me
9. Number Ones
10. Baby Girl
11. Take Off Your Clothes
12. Another Girl

DL: Omarion & Bow Wow - Face Off [Retail]
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