RhymeFest - "Man In The Mirror" [Mixtape Download]


[Download Link & Tracklist Inside]

“Until we all f*ckin’ with bills like Hillary Rodham…”

Rhymefest flips Michael Jackson to create a mixtape masterpeice. The intro’s and skits are complete genius, funny shit. Hell, the whole thing is great. Download away friends and foes.
Shouts to Fest, Mark Ronson. Whattup Mick?

01. The Cipher (Rhymefest & Michael Jackson)
02. Can’t Make It (Rhymefest) (prod. Best Kept Secret)
03. “Thriller” Skit
04. Get Up (Rhymefest f. Wale)
05. Dancin’ Machine (The Jackson 5 f. Rhymefest)
06. Flip It Skit
07. Never Can Say Goodbye (Rhymefest f. Talib Kweli) (prod. Best Kept Secret)
08. Mike The Mentor (Rhymefest f. Michael Jackson)
09. No Sunshine (Rhymefest) (prod. Emile]
10. Caught Up Skit
11. Foolin’ Around (Rhymefest f. Dres) (prod. Mark Ronson)
12. Set The Mood
13. Breakadawn (Rhymefest f. Daniel Merriweather & alpha.)
14. Windbreaker Skit
15. Higher Intro
16. Higher (Rhymefest)
17. Mark vs. Mike
18. All That I’ve Got (Rhymefest f. Ghostface Killah & Mary J. Blige)
19. Maybe Tomorrow (Michael Jackson)
20. Sunshine Skit
21. Coolie High (Camp Lo f. Rhymefest)
22. Family Reunion f. Tito, Randy, Mike & Rhymefest
23. Much Love Skit
24. Man In The Mirror (Rhymefest f. Michael Jackson)



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