I Am Legend Soundtrack [Retail Download]


1.My Name is Robert Neville (02:51)
2.Deer Hunting (01:17)
3.Evacuation (04:27)
4.Scan Her Again (01:42)
5.Darkseeker Dogs (02:17)
6.Sam's Gone (01:48)
7.Talk to Me (00:56)
8.The Pier (05:17)
9.Can They Do That? (02:09)
10.I'm Listeningbayk (02:10)
11.The Jagged Edge (05:16)
12.Reunited (07:50)
13.I'm Sorry (02:22)
14.Epilogue (04:13)

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  1. Jake January 18, 2008 at 11:02 PM
    i saw this movie today... i don't think i liked it. the start showed potential but yeah when it got to the end it offered more questions than answers... AND I HATE THAT! lol

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