Katt Williams - Its Pimpin', Pimpin' [ Retail Leak ]

By Samurai_tbag

02.its pimpin pimpin
03.gotta shine
04.bread head
06.calling out your name
07.thats what girls are made for
10.mind right
11.hustlers hand
13.the baby
14.can you luv me like
16.pop life
17.sweat ya perm out
18.kill ya self

Download it here.

It's been pretty damn dry on the music scene recently. I'm not sure if there's any interesting rock/pop/etc releases that have come out, but there certainly hasn't been much Hip-Hop. Remember, if you've got any requests for albums just holla in our shout box and we'll try get them up. We need some more mixed genre stuff, but it's hard to please everyone.

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  1. Anonymous January 17, 2008 at 9:31 AM
    If Katt William's album is half as good as "Last Sunday" was this will be great.

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