Mumblez - Hoodlum [ Mixtape Leak ]

By Samurai_tbag

1. Intro
2. Mobish
3. Goin' Dumb N Shit (Feat. J-Boi & Gio Sticks)
4. What It Be Lyke (Feat. Clyde Carson)
5. Get Money (Feat. J.Sanchez)
6. Crack Baby
7. Whut It Iz
8. I'mma Show Ya (Feat. J.Sanchez)
9. Wuts Good Wuts Good? (Feat. Gio Sticks & Young Scorch)
10. I'm Hollan Mobb (Feat. Lil Coner & Smokey Locs)
11. How Can I Get Over You
12. See I'm Gangsta
13. Run Bitch (Feat. Rado & Pharis)
14. Northern Hyphee (Feat. Thugzy)
15. Dodge Town (Feat. Tito B & Big Chopps)
16. Pain N Struggle (Feat. Thugzy & Lazy)
17. Throw It Up (Feat. Redrum & Sleepy Santino)

Download it here.

Haven't heard any of it yet, the guy's from North Cali so expect some Bay style beats with mediocre lyrics. Not exactly my cup of tea, but I'll give it a listen anyway.

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