Mya To Leave Motown Records


R&B singer Mya has recently revealed in an interview with, that she'll be leaving her label Motown Records this year and that she's not planning to sign with another, here are some extracts from the interview:

Q: Are you planning on leaving your record label?

A: Yes. I’ll be leaving Motown Universal some time next year.

Q: Do you plan on signing with another label?

A: I don’t really want to sign to another label. If you end up funding most of your projects, why not distribute your own product and make 100 percent of your profits?

It's definitely the best she could do. It was obvious she was not "treated" right in that label so what she could do? Leave of course. In the interview she also says she's coming with a "next album" later this year, i think she refers to a new album.

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