Chromeo Remixes

By Anonymous

It has been crawling with Chromeo remixes lately, first there came Needy Girl remixes, along came Bonafied Lovin'. Here's a guide through the jungle.

Of the Bonafied remixes I find the one most far away from the original as the best, with not much more than a few samples representing the vocal part.

On shared second place I put for the more funky taste

and for distorted banger refrains

Among the Needy Girl remixes, well, I truly love DatA, but the remix high above all others is undoubted

Yukseks and Les Petits Pilous' remixes are parts of the Bonafied Lovin' EP that can be found digitally on Beatport, Culture Prophets can't be bought for money and the Lifelike remix is as I have understood upcoming in an updated Version Two to be released soon.

Thanks to MDC

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  1. Anonymous March 2, 2008 at 9:35 PM
    Thanks for these man.. huuge

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