Spider Loc - Straight Up Rider [ Retail Download Leak ]

Category: By Samurai_tbag

01.Straight Up Intro (Spider Loc) [00:32]
02.Boss Og (Spider Loc) [03:17]
03.Life (Llyod Banks Feat Spider Loc) [03:45]
04.Use To (Spider Loc) [02:33]
05.Speakers (Spider Loc) [00:17]
06.Good Life (Spider Loc) [03:25]
07.Feel Good (Tony Yayo, Llyod Banks, 50cent & Young Buck) [05:11]
08.Hip Hop Lives (50cent) [02:31]
09.Thats My Dawg (We Get Higher Part 2) (Stat Quo) [03:54]
10.Traffickin The White (40glocc Feat Trife) [02:20]
11.Official (Spider Loc Feat 40glocc) [02:23]
12.It Is What It Is (Tony Yayo Feat Spider Loc) [04:58]
13.Where The Wolves At? (Tricksta Presents Late, Conman, Jai Boo, S [05:01]
14.A.B.C (Prodigy From Mobb Deep) [03:12]
15.Cook (L.I) [03:24]
16.Part Time Lover (50cent) [04:01]
17.Speakers (Spider Loc) [00:33]
18.Bang, Bang (Spider Loc Feat Snoopy Blue) [03:14]
19.Ghetto Superstar (Young Buck) [03:45]
20.Thought It Was Ova (Spider Loc) [03:44]
21.Unstoppable Unit (Nyce) [02:50]
22.Ridin Down The Freeway (Young Buck Feat The Outlawz) [03:34]
23.Cant Be Faded (Spider Loc Feat Nate Dogg) [02:29]
24.A Riders Outro (Spider Loc) [01:04]

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