DMS On The Record With 'Ele Siete' [A.T.M]

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I already introduced you guys to his music, so now let's get to know Chris the man behind mic.

DMS : So L7 how did you get into the game?

L7 :
I just grew up listening to hip hop and i always knew i'll get involved in it some way some how.

What was you first step into becoming a MC?

L7 :
Wow hmm I got a ryhme book and start writing raps

How long were you writing for before you starting recording?

L7 :
Well I was first in this group call Dem Boyz (shouts out to Shorty, Stacey, and James) we had a studio this was when I was in the 12th grade so about 5 years I think.

DMS : Wow, so a lot of time has gone by since then. How do you think the game has changed for you since then?

L7 :
I think the game is going back to its original roots true hip hop, Hip Hop isn't the same for everybody its different in each area code and state.

Do you have any hate towards some of the new kids on the block like Soulja Boy who some people would argue are misrepresenting what hip hop is all about?

L7 :
Naw I'm not no hater, dude is talented he produced and wrote that record when he was 16 I might agree or listen to his music just like he may not agree or listen to my music.

That's classy bro, but I guess everyone has to have respect for each other these days. There's a long list of beefs gone wrong in hip hop. It's hard to believe that we may still have people like Pac and Big around today if they had just took a moment to say what we're saying right now. So who's your inspiration, who did you grow up listening to and say I want my shit to be like this one day?

L7 : Lol, Tupac, Nas, Biggie, Jay-Z, The Game, Kanye West, Common, Lupe Fiasco, Freeway, Styles P and Jada, Luda, Ice Cube, Scareface, Outkast, Goodie Mobb, Rick Ross, Wu Tang, T.I., Fabolous Big Pun, Big L, Soulja Slim.

DMS : Out of that list tho who do you say you put on when you feel like you've hit a block. Myself when I'm feeling real shitty about life I put on Will Smith's "Big Willie Style" and I'm set. But in all seriousness everyone has that one album that puts you into that place of solitude, who helps you get in that spot?

L7 : What chu know about Big Willie Style lol? Tupac when I'm feelin revolutionary, Jay-Z when I'm feeling like a boss, I just cant pick one because I got all types of moods its like when you wanna go to the club you don't put on Faith Hill she don't get you hype unless you a cowboy lol.

DMS : Very true my man. So what's next for you, tell me a little about this [A.T.M] family?

L7 : Well I just finished my 3rd mixtape its called "Hood Xecution" its by me and DJ Xfactor. the original A.T.M. is Me, DJ Xfactor, Big Drizzle, and Skrilla. But we gettin a little big now so its alot of us we growin lol.

DMS : I like how you conveniently left my name out that group, but it's cool brotha I work better solo anyway. How's the chemistry with you and DJ Xfactor, how do you guys go about working a track. Does he make the beat and you get the flow ready after that or are you dropping verse and letting him work on the beat as you spit?

L7 : You know you part of the family and I tried to get you on the mixtape but I guess you too big for me now Mr. Big Writer lol naw but the chemistry is real good my dj went to school with me and you. Sometimes we freestyle a track or sometimes we write to a song. My last 3 mixtape I used industry beats but my next mixtape is going to be my own shit, the next mixtape going be on some Lupe/Styles P/Tupac vibe its gone be a classic I'm already working on it. check out me and DJXfactor "Stutter Moth**" it was a freestyle its on my page .

DMS : You stay too busy man, do you get anytime to perform?

L7 : We trying to get some shows set up in the near future but not right now.

DMS : What do you think of the Tampa rap scene? Have you met any artists here that you're dying to collab with?

L7 : I would love to collab with Tom G he's runnin Tampa right now, I like Strizzo, Lil Kee, Tampa Tony(free Tampa Tony), DMS , I would love to work with a couple singers thats what A.T.M needs.

DMS : You just put me on the spot, a lot of people don't know I have pipes but yea we're going to get on a track I promise. So you're supportive of blending R&B with Hip-Hop, there's some people, myself included who thinks in a few years it's all just going to be under one umbrella. With people like T-Pain and Will.I.Am leading the game.

L7 : Hell yea its beautiful when it happens, Method Man and Mary J, Nas and Amerie, Jayz and Mary j, The Game and Keyshia cole, Styles P and Akon, Tpain with any good rapper.

DMS : Well she's not a singer but you gotta admit Ray J had Kim Kardashian doing some beautiful things too! So what;s your advice to anyone trying to break into the game right now? What have you learned now that you wish you could have known 5 years ago?

L7 : I love Kim Kardshain lol but if you trying to get in the game now the best advice i'll give you is be original. Originality is key to a long last career. I wish I had the lyrics I have now 5 years ago I would have been blew up lol.

DMS : Lol. Alright man so thanks for letting me introduce to you to my readers I know they're going to enjoy the mixtape. And I'll get back to you when I can jump on a track. Any parting words?

L7 : I just wanna say congrads to you on what chu doing the web site is cool as fuck and I didn't know you did this. Everybody if you ain't got Hood Xecution holla at me or DMS so yo Hood can get Xecuted. Peace and love to everybody and keep god first. A.T.M and Ele just left the building

As always you know DMS has the hookup for ya. Here's some links to cop 'Hood Xecution'.

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