Exclusive Interview With Kool Sphere of Verbal Threat

By Samurai_tbag

How'd you get into the game?
I got into hip-hop initially as a graffiti writer/breaker in Queens NYC. As time went by I got more into mc-ing listening to Kool DJ Red Alert on the radio buggin out on the music he rocked. Run Dmc, Kool G Rap & Polo, BDP, Big Daddy Kane had me wide open!

How'd you hook up with Reppond?
I had fam out in California...so when things would get hectic in NYC, I would fly out to Cali to get away and get my mind right. In that whole process I went to school out there and met Reppond. We actually met in the lunch room..he was walking by my table rapping out loud a Grand Puba verse and I finished the rhyme as he sat down..we both bugged out that we were both up on Brand Nubian. From then on we both started Verbal Threat and tried to get as much studio time as possible.

You still working on a Verbal Threat release?
After completing "The Golden Era" project..things didn't go as we wanted in regards to getting the album out correctly so things are on hold for the time being.

Any idea when we'll be seeing a VT release?
Not sure as of right now. In the meantime my emphasis is on my solo project and putting things together

How'd you hook up with DJ Premo and Kool G?
We did a show back in like 2003 with Pharrell from The Neptunes in Hollywood at The Viper Room and Preme was in attendance. We didn't know he was there at the time and we did a live remix of a Group Home track..after we brought the house down Premier came up and propped us on our performance. Ever since then we would run into each other from Cali and NYC and different events. Finally in between 05-06 we matched schedules up and got into the studio. The rest is Reality Check history and making a timeless classic. Working with G was a collab I wanted to have go down since the start of the album. I myself was responsible for all the collabs on The Golden Era, so with my connects I approached G-Rap on getting on the album and he was with it. I also brought Bronze Nazareth from Wu-Tang into the mix and things worked out sick.

So I heard you've been working hard on your upcoming solo album, any chance we'd be seeing more from Premo, Kool G, Wu, and others?
Yeah..right now I'm in the early stages but progressing nicely. I just finished wrapping up working on this indie film in NYC and took out time with Premier's people working out a deal for my debut solo single. I'm looking to lock that down by mid summer so all's looking good so far. I'm taking my time with putting this solo album together being the executive producer and all that so I think it's a safe assumption that I will have Bronze back in the mix and Kool G. I may have some surprise collabs as well keeping it under wraps for the time being.

As for your solo, any idea when that'll drop?
Time will tell. I'd like to get it out by the end of the year but I'm taking my time with everything without rushing..making sure that all deals go smooth staying calm, kool, and collected. The record industry is suffering right now with sales at a all time low so I'm more concentrating on the creative aspects and worrying about the business side after I get a good feel that the Cd is almost complete.

Finally, thanks a lot for your time, have you got anything to say to the fans? and shoutouts?
Thanks for all the support and dedication to what we're doing. Hip-Hop as a whole has been in a steady decline for almost a decade now with real artists getting the shaft and no talent fly by night cats getting rich off of catchy nursery rhyme jingles. It's extremely frustrating trying to stay motivated when real legitimate hip-hop is not getting the attention it deserves. Support the dudes that are really doing things correctly before this whole genre gets pimped out completely and left for dead!

A BIG shout out to DJ PREMIER who keeps it real even at his legendary status staying humble and bringing real hip-hop to the radio on Sirius Satellite Radio channel 40 Friday nights! Peace to my man M.C. Reppond and everybody that has supported Verbal Threat in our pursuit to bringing real talent back to the game!

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