Murs - Murs For President [ Retail Download Leak ]

Category: By Samurai_tbag

01 01:48 Intro
02 03:54 I'm Innocent
03 04:00 Lookin' Fly Feat. Will.I.Am
04 04:55 The Science
05 03:43 Can It Be
(Half A Million Dollars and 18 Months Later)
06 03:34 Everything
07 04:13 Road Is My Religion
08 05:02 Soo Comfortable
09 04:55 Time Is Now Feat. Snoop Dogg
10 04:01 Think You Know Me
11 03:58 Me and This Jawn
12 04:32 Love and Appreciate II Feat. Tyler Woods
13 04:22 A Part Of Me
14 04:08 Break Up (The Oj Song)
15 04:06 Breakthrough

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Hip-Hop Release.

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