R. Kelly Double Up Leak

By Anonymous

1. The Champ - Featuring Swizz Beatz [5/10]
This track is more of an intro than an actual song. It succeeds in hyping the rest of the album which might be a good thing or a bad thing. It's a little bit reminiscent of Black Ty.

2. Double Up - Featuring Snoop Dogg [7/10]
This mid-tempo title track is actually one of my favorites off the album. The hook is quite addictive and the songs plays out a laid back Fiesta Remix for those of you who follow Mr. Kelly. Snoop makes an late appearance in the song to deliver a flow that actually works in the song and doesn't seem as forced as some of the other tracks on the album.

3. Tryin' To Get A Number - Featuring Nelly [5/10]
Nelly's St. Louis style and Kelly's Urban R&B really don't click. Ignoring Nelly's horrible rap Kelly actually delivers a song that you can't help but wanting to roll to the club bumping, but it's definitely a track you probably won't hear inside. Like Kells says expect to hear this track on a lot of ringtones later this year.

4. Get Dirty - Featuring Chamillionaire [8/10]
Out of the collaboration tracks off the album this one works best. I wish there was another track I could easily compare it to but there isn't. The chorus is more addictive than Go Getta and the rest of the song works well. Built on an infectious beat this will be a club banger. Chamillionaire seems to have found a really great sound here that proves the dirty rap star works best with others.

5. Leave Your Name [6/10]
The first ballad of the album is forgettable and seems more like an interlude than anything. But the old school fans of Kelly will eat this one up.

6. Freaky In The Club [1/10]
The song is retarded and not in the sympathic way. Kells took a cue from Dr. Suess and either made of his own words or rhymed words that had no relation to each other. "Girl let me see you body go lala, now back that thing up and make it go boom ba."

7. The Zoo [8/10]
This track is the closest Kelly has gotten to this prime since Public Announcement. While I normally disregard silly hooks the chorus of "o o Ah Ah" actually works here. I will definitely be making love to this song, and I can't see why anyone else wouldn't.

8. I'm A Flirt Remix - Featuring T. I. & T- Pain [10/10]
The only reason this song got a perfect 10 is because after it builds on you as much as it has over the past few months you can't help but fall in love with it.

9. Same Girl- Featuring Usher [7/10]
Kelly and Usher should get together more often. This is one of the few R&B collaboration tracks where you don't have to analyze it and wonder if it's more of a Kelly or Usher song. Both artists have strong enough vocal and lyrical ability that both men come out looking great and as equals and not so much as a I need a hotter artist to help out type of track.

10. Real Talk [.5/10]
This isn't even a song. It's part 53 of Trapped In The Closet, and it's dumb. It''s a rant of shut the fuck up and don't burn my shit.

11. Hook It Up - Featuring Huey [5/10]
I like the chorus, and that's about it. There's just too many things that make Kells wanna "Hook It Up" for me to stay interested in this track. Huey. I don't even want to comment on this guy. Pop Lock and Drop It. Nuff said.

12. Rock Star - Featuring Ludacris & Kid Rock [10/10]
Tis track has the potential to be the biggest song of the year. it doesn't have anything that I can complain about. Kid Rock's riff on this track keeps the song exciting and it seems like it's constantly building up to something bigger. Ludacris provides the hottest flow you'll find on this album, and Kells takes the momentum of this song and makes a song you can't wait til see the video for. The climax of this song has to be Rock's flow towards the end.

13. Best Friend - Featuring Keyshia Cole & Polow Da Don [8/10]
The lyrical content of this song revolves around a father stuck in jail. with that said you can't really expect too much in that department. For some reason Kells loves to create drama and that's what the fll of this track is. Keyshia's vocal ability shouldn't be wasted on this flip-flop track. It's a pretty comical track going back and forth from dude I love you to dude you fucked my girl. Polow is forgettable. I would cite this as Part II to Kickin' It With Your Girlfriend from Kell's last album.

14. Rollin' [7/10]
This is just a fun track I couldn't even pay attention to the lyrics because I was seriously debating whether Hulk Hogan was providing background vocals on this track. The hook is very addictive, I just can't help but wonder if Rick Ross was ever considered for this track since it oozes his style.

15. Sweet Tooth [4/10]
This track according to Kelly is for all the girls. I think it's just for filler.

16. Havin' A Baby [1/10]
Kelly doesn't sing in this song, at least not to me. You'll skip over this track. Trust me.

17. Sex Planet [8/10]
This is a pretty awkwardly formed song. But it's still one of those tracks where you'll have it for those back seat rumbles after a hot date.

19. Rise Up (V-Tech Tribute Song) [10/10]
This got a perfect 10 because it took R&B back to a time where it was actually impactful and meant something. It brings back the days "Man In The Mirror", "Heaven I Need A Hug", and even "I Believe I Can Fly". Kelly works great with a choir. While Kelly might not be the best spokesman for this but he made a truly beautiful song.

20. I Like Love [7/10]
Kelly pulls out his best Bob Marley impression and it actually works. This is the track I will be smoking weed to. It won't get any radio play but it's on of the best tracks on the album.

Final Verdict - [8/10]
Aside from some complete flop tracks and forced rap collaborations this is one of the finest moments in Kelly's discography. What Shock Value was to Timbaland this album is to R.Kelly. It will allow him the range to crossover even more into the Hip/Hop culture that he basically was exiled from after that debacle with Jay-Z.


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