Maroon 5 It Won't Be Soon Before Long Leak

By Anonymous

1."If I Never See Your Face Again" [8/10]
One of my favorite tracks off the album. It's easy to relate to this uptempo Pop/Rock track. It's about a relationship gone sour but is so hard to get over. Jealousy is a large theme of this song. It has an addicting guitar riff that's hard to escape and I for one have been rocking out to this song since this album leaked. It's even got a bit of a dance break at the 2:15 mark.

2. "Makes Me Wonder" - [8/10]
The single that had everyone worrying that M5 had left their R&B/Rock roots for more of a boyband sound. for me the song just shows that Rock/Pop/R&B can all live in the same world and still be popular. Although the song is a bit too Backstreet Boyish it's a strongly addictive song that you can't help but play over and over again (look at my page for proof).

3. "Little Of Your Time" - [9/10]
From the start of this song you just want to dance. Great Rock/Dance track.

4. "Wake Up Call" - [7/10]
This is a great midtempo ballad. the thing I love about Maroon 5 is even their break up tracks put a smile on your face, and it's so highly addictive. This is rumored to be the next single.

5. "Won't Go Home Without You" - [9/10]
This song reminds me of the old Maroon 5. It's another great breakup song for you love sick emo kids out there. Just Kidding! But seriously you'll want to listen to this track even after it becomes the theme song to the next teen soap opera.

6. "Nothing Lasts Forever" - [8/10]
Kayne West fans (including myself) will remember the hook of this song from West's "Heard 'Em Say". Maroon 5 takes that simple hook minus the "O Ahs" and makes yet another addictive break up song. This should be the summer love track.

7. "Can't Stop" - [7/10]
Screaming guitar riff, excellent lyrical content, 80s flashbacks, and catchy hook. Standout track and should make for singles gold down the line.

8. "Goodnight Goodnight" - [8/10]
This ballad separates from the rest of the others as it doesn't even sound like a Maroon 5 song but it fits perfectly into the album. the hook reminds me of an early 90s rock ballad, and I love it.

9. "Not Falling Apart" - [5/10]
The first track off the album i wanted to skip. unlike the other songs it doesn't gain momentum and stays at the same level of dull throughout.

10. "Kiwi" - [7/10]
This Prince inspired song annoys me. this song would be great if it wasn't for the random female vocals. It sounds a bit dated aswell. I think they hired a stripper for the part, it's too much of a seductive song for my likes, but you can't dismiss the talent these guys have.

11. "Better That We Break"- [10/10]
This track would be my favorite is not for the next track.

12. "Back At Your Door" - [10/10]
I love the song. It has a bit of a Beach Boy influence to it actually, and while most of the album was reminiscent of 80s keytars and moonwalks this song is more of a Buddy Holly style rock song.

Bonus Tracks

Losing My Mind
Until You're Over Me
The Way I Was

Final Verdict - [10/10]
I know it's unheard of for albums to get perfect scores these days but it's also unheard of for artists to have so much stacked up against them and produce an excellent record such as this one. Maroon 5 had a 5 year hiatus between Songs About Jane and this album, they had the dreaded sophomore curse to overcome, and basically Songs About Jane was such a great album it's hard to believe it could be topped. With his album Maroon 5 joined the elite artists which they said this album drew influence from. In the 80s Prince had the funk, soul, and spontaneous songs that made everyone want to get up and dance. Michael Jackson was the juggernaut King Of Pop, his albums became the best selling of all time and his songs had the darkest themes of their day. People weren't singing about dark love and lust back then but Jackson took a risk and brought it to the mainstream. Today radio hits revolve around drugs, bitches and hoes, and bling. Maroon 5 went out on a limb and recorded an album that's both fun and relevant. This album solidifies Maroon 5's presence as a musical juggernaut.

If Panic! @ The Disco wants to stick around for long they better take a long time in the studio this summer or their album will surely be overlooked in favor or what I am going to say is the best album of the year.


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