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By Anonymous
First off Rihanna deserves a perfect 10 just for this cover.

1. Umbrella f/ Jay-Z [7/10]
If I was in charge of marketing I would have picked this single as well. I know it's strictly business but if I was Beyonce I would a little jealous of this song. Rihanna is fine as hell in the video and this song is just too damn sexy for radio. Jay-Z delivers his typical Hov flow, and you guys have heard it enough on the radio for me not to have to break it down.

2. Push Up [8/10]
This song is a little Madonna-ish. It's got on of those crazy techno sex beats that will have you trancing out in your room under a blacklight at night. The chorus is extremely addictive. It has an apparent throwback to some of the R&B songs of the 80s.

3. Don’t Stop the Music [4/10]
First off I am a huge Jacko fan so when I heard the "Wanna Be Startin' Something" sample I was thinking this song was going to be as energetic as the original. Instead it comes off as a obese man running on a treadmill. It might be hypnotizing at first but after the shock value wears off you're left with a D-Grade Europop song.

4. Breakin’ Dishes [8/10]
by now you'll come to realize that this album is mostly Rihanna's smooth R&B vocals over tasteless techno or pop beats. However as cheap as the production is on this track I am addicted to this tale of Rihanna burning her ex's clothes and having a cookout in his living room over his clothes. This could be the evil sister to Avril's "Girlfriend" song. It's VERY cheerleaderish. For the record don't piss Rihanna off because she won't leave until she sees police lights.

5. Shut Up and Drive [5/10]
I don't know what the fuck this song is about. It's a very cheaply done Rock/Pop/R&B song. One second there's a guitar riff then the next second we're talking about bumps in the trunk. Seriously. The hook is the only thing I can remember about this song.

6. Hate That I Love You f/ Ne-Yo [10/10]
For the record anything Ne-Yo touches is gold, and this is no exception. Just listen to this song because I can't do this justice.

7. Say It [10/10]
Fans of old school R&B girl groups will eat this song up. It has elements of TLC, En Vouge, and Destiny's Child and a bit of Aaliyah thrown in for good measure. It's not addictive but it's a great song.

8. Sell Me Candy [2/10]
Pon De Replay Pt. II. Garbage. I would have called the song "I Got Candy In My Van" and made it a duet between Rihanna and R. Kelly, opps Rihanna is 19 now my bad Kells.

9.Lemme Get That [5/10]
Another garbage track featuring hidden vocals from Nick Cannon (jk) and some crappy rental marching band.

10. Rehab f/ Justin Timberlake and Timbaland [8/10]
With Timbaland, Timberlake, and Rihanna on this track I was expecting magic. Instead it's just a good song. All of Timbaland's production is starting to sound the same now. And Timberlake's vocals are hidden deep in the background, what's the point of collaborating if you aren't really going to sing Justin?

10. Question Existence [9/10]
Rihanna should go emo more often. This song might have been a b-side of the last Pink album or maybe Amy Lee penned it? Either way this track ruined the rest of the album for me since it shows that even with stripped down production Rihanna has the ability to produce some beautiful music, even if it's song over gothic tracks.

11. Good Girl Gone Bad [9/10]
This is a great song. Plain and simple. I was expecting another crappy techno song but Rihanna really lets lose for this climatic title song. It makes up for all the other crap I heard on this album and greatly repairs what credibility Rihanna lost from tracks 1- 10.

Final verdict - [7/10]
I am only giving this album slight above average becuase I know it will spawn a few radio and club hits, but theres also a few standout great tracks as well. Get your hands on this album.

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  1. Anonymous May 25, 2007 at 11:57 PM
    I don't know who posted that ridiculous comment, but the point of this blog is to be unbiased and unlike the rest of the web, if you don't like my fucking opinion then go to another blog, or better yet make your own and make your own opinions separate from what you hear on MTV.

    For the record it's allowed, not aloud dipshit.
  2. Anonymous June 10, 2007 at 4:09 PM
    The link is not working
  3. Anonymous June 10, 2007 at 4:27 PM
    Now that the album's been released I am not going to reupload it again. Sorry check my affiliates.

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