Linkin Park Minutes To Midnight Leak - REQ

By Anonymous

1.Wake [*]
I can't review an intro track, but this one doesn't really set you up for the next track, and by set up I mean warn you.

2.Given Up [7/10]
This track was good until the screamo kicked in. Nice rock tune nonetheless. The lyrics were a bit been there, done that for me. For people who've been there for LP before the Jay-Z collab you'll feel the same way, although this is a different style for the boys.

3.Leave Out All The Rest [10/10]
I absolutely loved this track. It completely broke away from what LP is known for. The music is great, the lyrics are better, and the vocals are perfect for the song. I wonder why they decided to put is so soon on the album, this would have made a great closing track.A great mid tempo broken heart song.

4.Bleed It Out [8/10]
I don't know what category to put this track in. It starts of like a Nu-Metal track but then there's some weird folk clapping in the background that you could easily have a ho down to. Just kidding, I love all the different techniques Linkin Park worked with this time around, I don't like this screamo thing they're doing though. And the vocals get really raspy on this cut. It's an addictive track though so you'll deal with it.

5.Shadow Of The Day [8/10]
This doesn't even sound like a Linkin Park track, I almost thought my iPod had switched over to Coldplay. It's a big leap of faith for LP and luckily for them it worked great.

6.What I've Done [9/10]
You've heard it enough on the radio. And we all loved it. I just wish more of the album had been like this.

7.Hands Held High [8/10]
I think P.O.D possibly ghost-wrote this song, it reminds me more of them than LP. It's also got a bit of Eminem thrown in. It's a really excellent written track, but for the record I can speak for the whole music community when I say we don't need anymore song built around Bush trashing.Ok, actually I can't speak for everyone but personally I am.

8.No More Sorrow [10/10]
This is the Linkin Park I remember and loved.

9.Valentine’s Day [5/10]
The tracks where LP breaks away from their mold are either great, or beautiful loads of shit. This is one of those beautiful loads of shit.I couldn't stay interested in this song at all.Maybe you'll like it, but I personally don't like Nu meets Emo.

10.In Between [10/10]
One of the best tracks on the album, and overall my favorite. A great harmony on this one, don't expect too much of classic LP on this one though.

11.In Pieces [7/10]
I LOVE LOVE LOVE to skip this track.

12.The Little Things Give You Away [8/10]
A great closing track. End of story, not much to say about it.

Final Verdict - [7.5/10]
A lot of this album sounds nothing like the old LP, while every band and artist need to mature over time, usually it's more of a gradual evolution and not just over the span of one album. Fans of Fort Minor will like this more than fans of classic LP. A lot of people are saying Rap Metal is dead, I on the other hand am going to say it's not dead but LP just pulled the plug on it's life support.

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