Ozzy Osbourne Black Rain Leak

By Anonymous
I'm not doing a formal review of this album for a number of reasons.
1.There's not a single bad track on the album.

2. He's the fucking Prince Of Darkness, you HAVE to have this album.
3. Black Rain has the sickest album cover EVER.

As we all know Ozzy is a king in the world of Heavy Metal and Reality TV. He's also a recovering addict of many things. The best thing that ever happened to Ozzy was marrying Sharon, it's put his solo career back on the front burner and with this album it's really started to boil. This album is great for new and old fans. I encourage everyone to give it a listen.For the record Ozzy told Rolling Stone Magazine this is the first album he's recorded sober.

All the tracks are great but these are the ones I am in love with.
  • Track 2 "I Don't Wanna Stop" - One of the greatest metal tracks ever in my opinion. It's not as dark as Black Sabbath but it's insanely addictive and has got some killer riffs.
  • Track 3 "Black Rain" - While I don't really like political tracks, Ozzy surprisingly strays away from the Bush bashing that every other band writes about an instead presents a very logical song comparing war to a Black Rain covering and killing the Earth. It's a well written song lyrically and musically.
  • Track 4 "Lay Your World On Me" - I don't think there's ever been a more personal metal song written before. This song is obviously subtly about Sharon's battles with cancer.
  • Track 5 "The Almighty Dollar" - This is just a must listen track.
  • Track 8 "Here For You" - I don't know if this song is about Sharon or the breakup and reunion of Sabbath but it's a great metal ballad.
  • Track 10 "Trap Door" - Excellent closing track from the Oz
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Check out VH1 Rock Honors tonight at 9pm on VH1 (duh).
Ozzy will be performing "Crazy Train", "Bark At The Moon", and new single "I Don't Wanna Stop"


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  1. Garry July 4, 2007 at 10:17 AM
    Just Great album! By the way, here is some useful
    website devoted to the
    Black Rain album:

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