Travis - The Boy With No Name Leak

By Anonymous

1. 3 Times And You Lose [9/10]
this might honestly be the best opening track ever on an album. It's not too flashy and not too dull. It's right in the middle of Rock and and a smooth Piano Ballad, but the whole time it stays true to be complete bliss. Fran Healy and Andy Dulop create rock brilliance on this track, fans of Radiohead might enjoy this track more than any of us, also U2 fans will feel some influence of Bono here.

2. Selfish Jean [8/10]
This song will sound familiar to some Travis fans, maybe one of you die hards can tell me why for a pat on the back? HINT - It was the b-side to a certain song in 1997. Anyways I love this song. It's got a great melody backing it and the vocals are as smooth as ever. Also the structure of this song is amazing the last 30 seconds sealed the deal for me.

3. Closer [9/10]
One of the most amazing low tempo songs off this album. This particular cut has that subway ride home feel to it. In case you guys have noticed I am a very Audio/Visual person, I connect almost every song to a visual counterpart and this song in particular gives me the vibe of a lonely subway ride to see an old love. once you hear it take that image and you'll feel it as well, or maybe you'll have your own image nonetheless it's an amazing song.

4. Big Chair [9/10]
I love the electronic vibe this song had to it. It's not extremely uptempo like most electronic songs are but the syth lines instead float along seaming less in the background. What I most adored about this song was even though there's a moderate amount of activity in the background Healey keeps his pace moderate and doesn't at all try to keep up with the track instead the track take backseat to his amazing vocal performance.

5. Battleships [7/10]
Julia Stone provides background vocals on this track, however her presence doesn't exactly bring anything to the cut that I don't think Healey couldn't handle on his own. She has an amazing voice but I have to say it was wasted here, I would have liked to see more of a formal collaboration with Healey and Stone exchanging verses. Still a great piece though.

6. Eyes Wide Open [10/10]
One of the most brilliant songs I have ever heard. It has the feel of a great 80s rock tune and the guitar riff at the start lets you know you're in for magic. I don't know who penned this track but it's got some lyrical gold as well. The vocals aren't like most of the album, they range from placid to an emotional roller coaster, a lot of work was done on this track from my estimation. The only dislike I had about the track is at 3 minutes long it was too short to be such an amazing track, it really left me going "is that it =(". But sometimes the shorter the sweeter.

7. My Eyes [7/10]
It's another amazing mid tempo track. I personally didn't like it too much, I don't know exactly what threw me off about it though. The vocals were perfect and the lyrics were catchy and heartfelt but I guess you just can't like everything, however I judge based on the actual quality of music and not my personal preference.

8. One Night [6/10]
The vocals weren't as great on this track as the rest, but they're still better than most of what's out there right now. The song was a bit of an overplayed cliche for me though so I have to knock a few points off for creativity and lyrical content.

9. Under The Moonlight [8/10]
KT Tunstall makes an appearance on this track in background fashion. Unlike Battleships I think this collaboration was in better fashion as both parties can be easily heard on the chorus, again though I always like to see the guest get their own verse. Especially when they have such an amazing voice and talent as Tunstall. It's another hit in the bank though.

10. Out In Space [8/10]
This track reminded me of The Feeling right off the back, it's a good song to be so slow tempo which in my opinion Travis has a slight problem with. Or maybe it's just I prefer Travis with their mid tempo work overall to anything.

11. Colder [7/10]
Colder sounds like Coldplay. Coldplay is a talented band, and so is Travis but they're usually working with different styles. However for this track Travis wanders off into the artic and comes back with fire. The best thing about this song is the chorus as it allows for another one of those vocally aggressive moments I love in Travis' music.

12. New Amsterdam [10/10]
This is a great closing track, it succeeds in taking Travis back to their roots. You long time fans will know what I mean.

13. Sailing Away (bonus track) [10/10]
The vibe to this song is amazing. You almost forget this is a rock band, it has such a folk sound to it but in the most modern way imaginable. The lyrics are more addictive than Hollaback Girl and as sticky to the brain as Paris Hilton.

14. Perfect Heaven Space (bonus track) [10/10]
This is such an amazing rock ballad. I loved every second of this song, and I doubt that anyone else won't. The thing that made this song a 10 for me instead of a 9.5 was it had the most beautifully crafted up bridge leading into a great dramatic climax halfway through the song, however I wish the dramatic part lasted a bit longer.

Final Verdict [10/10]
I was a die hard fan of Travis back in late 04 early 05. And the same thing that made me a fan then makes this album a must have for any true music lovers collection. While they don't blend Rock and Hip-Hop like the new Maroon 5 they still bring so much soul to their music that they don't need insane keytar solos or crazy guitar riffs and synths to bring that quality to their music.Vocally, lyrically, and creatively this band is the highest peak of their career with this album.

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I won't be reuploading this album since it has already been released, but I strongly urge everyone to download it and get your fix now and go out an buy it, it's a great album that I truly believe everyone should have in their collection.

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