Young Jeezy Presents USDA : Cold Summer Leak

By Anonymous

One of the most anticipated albums of the year fails to deliver.
I am going to try something different this time, to save time and to keep my sanity.
This was not a good album at all.

The Hoodstars
  • Track 1 Focus - One of the few tracks with an actual Jeezy vibe.
  • Track 2 Whitegirl - A good track for thumping your trunk.
  • Track 5 - Another Jezzy banger, I love this song at the moment. Jeezy makes better hooks than some pop artists.
  • Track 7 Pam - I love the chorus to this song. I love songs about getting your friends together and running a train on a girl while she's high on weed. I'm kidding by the way but this song is addictive despite the lyrical content.
  • Track 9 Live My Life - I don't know who this kid Scar is but he brought a lot to this song. I was hoping Jeezy would have a R&B like song on this album. Think old Do Or Die.
  • Track 10 Ride Tonight - I don't know why I like it, but it's definitely not the worse track on the album.
  • Track 12 I Keep Tellin' Myself - Jeezy really lets his writing skills out on this track, and too bad for the rest of USDA it shows they can't rhyme AT ALL.

The Crackwhores
  • Track 3 Give It Up - The hook is the biggest load of crap I have ever heard.
  • Track 4 Check - At least the hook is easy to remember since everything else is forgettable
  • Track 6 Throw this Money - Songs about paying strippers don't work, especially over an unproduced Will Smith beat.
  • Track 8 - While the beat is pretty good there's nothing about this song that makes me ever want to hear it again. For the record Jeezy gets "happy" Grey Goose and Red Bull, of yea he wears his Nikes during sex.
  • Track 11 What It Is - What the hell is this. If I was doing ratings this would get a [-5/10]
  • Track 13 Respect The Shield - If I had a dollar for every time I stabbed myself during this song I would have none, but trust me I thought about it.

The Knockoff Gucci Purse
  • Track 14 Go Getta Remix f/ R. Kelly, Bun B, and Jadakiss - The only thing about this song that makes it any better than the original is the remixed beat and a bit of more adlibs from Kells. I usually like Kiss but he's garbage on this track, and I don't even remember what Bun B said.
The Verdict [5/10]
I realize this album was solely to get USDA some exposure off of Jeezy's fame, but why would he even be in a group with these guys anyways? They can barely rap and when they do it's impossible to actually listen because they have the lamest beats ever. Half the tracks were produced by whoever writes the music to Gap commercials. The only tracks on this album that are even worth a 2nd listen are those with Jeezy taking the lead. I suggest Jeezy take himself out this trio and send them over to the BadBoy Camp, Diddy is always looking to make Da Band again.

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