Usher Chooses Fiance Over Fans

By Anonymous
Here's a great idea: become the world's most beloved and talented pop/R&B singer, sell millions of albums, attract packs of screaming, adoring fans - and then turn them all against you because of a woman. Sound smart? Because if so, then Usher's an effing genius. After sending out an open letter last week defending his career moves as well as his much despised fiancé Tameka Foster, the singer is now reportedly trying to shut down the fan website, because its creator does not favor his lady.

Usher's already fired his manager (and mom!) and severed ties with his two longtime reps. But his fans? Need we remind the star that without them, they'll be no one left to buy his next album. It even looks like he's gonna miss the August deadline set by his label to deliver his new goods, effectively preventing his album from reaching stores during the holiday season. Maybe if he wasn't wasting all his time being so defensive, we'd actually have some new Usher tunes to remind us of why we actually loved the Michael Jackson ripoff in the first place.


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  1. Pole Foam July 20, 2007 at 8:02 PM
    Ladies can change guys & thats a scientific fact.

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