Baltimore Club Music

By Unknown
Some more random shit I been feeling. I was put onto this shit by The Wire, probably the best show on tv slash my favorite. (If you need internet streams, holla at me.) Anyways, since the Wire is set in B-more, they mention Baltimore club music, and I decided to check it out. Its the shit. Its hard to describe exactly what type of music it is, but its basically club/techno/house beats with repeated vocal samples over them. The vocal samples can be from rap songs, or often refer to dancing or something. The shit isn't any euro club shit though, its straight grimey. This video for example is set to the song "Wu Tang Slide" some song about a b-mo club dance.

Ima hit you with some B-mo club music to dl. Holla at me if you can find more of it. Its kinda hard to find.

Baltimore Club Music Mixtape:

I suggest you check this out.

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  1. Anonymous December 21, 2007 at 10:25 PM
    Baltimore Club Music right here playa!

    I have link of tons of producers on my blog. Check me out!

    DJ Phinesse

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