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Max Coke Good Dope. Yup. With only 7 songs released, or at least 7 that I can find, Max Coke may not have the library of songs that some more established rappers have; however, he is poised to take over the rap game, both on the internet and in real life. If you don't fuck with his music, you should. Before I go any further, I will hook yall up, with some quick review material.

"Christmas ain't the only time I light up trees" I don't even smoke and I'm feelin this track. You should be too. Max Coke murders beats. Clearly, this version of the song is better than T-Pain's painful version.

Again, Max Coke murders a beat. "I put holes in niggas, like notebook paper/ My gun shoot out steal, call it stapler." Again, even though I don't buss gats, I am feelin dis song. Lyrically, Max Coke Good Dope (MCGD for short) is a beast on this song. Plus, he reps his hood (Jane and Finch, Toronto) to the fullest. Much respect. This type of video is extremely inspiring for young internet gangstas and rappers everywhere. "Makin money is my major/You can find me on the block or hit me on my Rzr" If you got ya self a Rzr, you gotta give it up to dude fo shouting out ya phone. He's a real modern dude, he don't still fuck wit pagers.
I do have hella respect for Ricky Ross, but Max does murder Raws' beat.
Here's Max Coke Myspace. Also, if you fuck with Facebook, friend him.
He's the best artist in the game right now, fuck what you heard. Plus, he's not a quitter like Kanye, he actually graduated from Tallahassee down in Florida, where he was forced after "things got too hot in T Dot."
Now, I know yall are fiending for some mp3's so you can step ya ipod game up and show them to ya homies. So, I decided to help yall out and up all his songs that I have. Usually, I wouldn't do this, but since I am unable to find a mixtape or album that you can buy instead, I will hit you with the free download.

Max Coke's assorted songs are now uploaded.
Max Coke - Good Dope (The Mixtape)
Download links:
Media Fire
Sendspace #2
Zshare #2
Megaupload #2
Passwords are all:

Max Coke - "We Ride"

Feel free to share the link with anyone.
Believe me, downloading this and listening to it will change yo music listening life.

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  1. Anonymous September 10, 2007 at 7:56 PM
    this dude's wack! Put on some ghostface killah...that's real hip-hop
  2. !@#$%^&*() September 11, 2007 at 8:13 PM
    go home rudy, you whack

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