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If you ain't fucking with this movie, do so right now. Its not necessarily the best film in terms orf realism, but its fucking entertaining. Its generally considered the Jamaican Scarface and in my opinion its much more entertaining. It starts off in Jamaica chronicling the main two charcters', Biggs and Wayne, entry in to a life of crime. The lack of realism begins here when the Wayne finds a gun in a very modern looking sneaker at the house of a rastafarian weed dealer in what is supposed to be mid 70's Jamaica. Regardless, the movie is entertaining. Its similar to many other gangsta movies of recent years including Scarface, Killa Season, and more. The thing that it makes it particulary appealing, in my opinion, is the fact that the main characters are Jamaican and for the most part speak in full Jamaican accents with the slang to match. The action sequences while violent keep the viewer hooked. In addition, the lavish lifestyles lived by the characters in the movie entertain the viewer. Its ending complete with quite a shootout is reminiscent of Scarface. It is not a perfect film, and there are noticeable things that stood out to me that did not make sense. One of these occurred during the shoot out in Biggs and Wayne's house at the end when Biggs took cover behind a couch while leaving his girl sitting there on the couch to be shot and killed. Regardless, the film has all the makings of an extremely entertaining action film. It has the guns, the opulence, the characters, the drugs, and certainly the soundtrack of one.
The soundtrack consists of high energy dancehall tracks, mixed with more laid back reggae songs, chronically in both cases crime and struggle. Standouts for me include "Call the Police" by John Wayne and "The March" by Ky-mani Marley. Its the type of pump up music expected from a movie like Shottas and fits the movie perfectly. Even if you are only a casual fan of dancehall/reggae as I was, it is a must listen. I found the soundtrack after some searching by emailing someone I found on myspace. I decided to share it with any fans of the movie. Please make sure to support the artists also.

Download the Unofficial Soundtrack (props to the person who originally compiled it):


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    anxious to hear this!
    pw doesn't work
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    yeah it does

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