Pitbulls Lifting Boats!

By Samurai_tbag
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01. "A Little Story (Intro)"
02. "Go Girl" ft. Trina & Young Boss (Produced By Soundz)
03. "Dookie Love" ft. Trick Daddy & Fabo
04. "I Don't See 'Em" ft. Cubo & Aim
05. "Midnight" ft. Casely
06. "The Ying & The Yang"
07. "The Anthem" (Produced By Lil Jon)
08. "The Truth (Interlude)"
09. "Candyman" ft. Twista (Produced By Lil Jon)
10. "Sticky Icky" ft. Jim Jones (Produced By Lil Jon)
11. "My Life" ft. Jason Derulo
12. "Secret Admirer" ft. Lloyd (Produced By Play-N-Skillz)
13. "Get Up" (Produced By Play-N-Skillz)
14. "Fuego (DJ Buddha Remix)" ft. Don Omar
15. "Stripper Pole (Remix)" ft. Toby Love (Produced By Scarlito)
16. "Un Poquito" ft. Yung Berg (Produced By Swizz Beatz)
17. "Tell Me (Remix)" ft. Frankie J & Ken-Y (Produced By Lil Jon)
18 "Mr. 305" (Outro)"

It's early, but I've been listening to it all morning now. So far, from what I've reall heard, there's a few good songs on here. One thing which really troubled me though, was the DJ Buddha Remix of Fuego, it was a good song, but hasn't it been over played now? and to be honest, there's nothing even different about the song, except for one new verse by Don Omar. However, on a more possitive note. If you like Pharell/Neptunes style beats then you're going to love the single 'Go Girl', it's got a nice, slow, simple and clean beat. As for the lyrics, they're reasonable, but as we're listening to a Pitbull album we're not expecting deep NaS type lyrics. Another dope song is 'The Anthem' which actually uses the beat of an old classic clubing song with some 808's and claps thrown in, I can imagine this stuff being played on HipHop night in the local nightclub. Also, listen out for 'Midnight', it sounds a lot like a Timberland beat, Pitbull speaks clear English (for once) and it's all in all a good tune.

Here's the download link (Courtesy of mp3il.net)

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Update: Go Girl Video!


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