Michael Jackson And Akon To Thrill Superbowl

By Anonymous

Female Host:
Akon, when can we expect something from Michael Jackson? I'm very excited by this.

Akon: Oh man. He got a surprise for you guys AT the Superbowl.

Male Host(s): Oooh. Really?

Female Host: Superbowl?! What?! That soon?!

Akon: Yeah, man. The guy's about to come and takeover 2008.


Female Host: I'm excited about Michael Jackson's performance at the Superbowl.

Akon: Eh, I didn't say he was gonna perform.


Akon: The thing is, we workin' on the Superbowl-- I'm actually working on the Superbowl performance myself.

Female Host: You are?! Okay, so you're going to be performing at the Superbowl... With maybe a surprise appearance by Michael Jackson? So it's going to be a duet!

Akon: The thing is, Mike has something totally separate from what's going on, [but it's] happening around the Superbowl time.


Akon: I'll give you a hint. His presence will be felt around that time.

Female Host: Oh my God!!! I'm so stoked, Akon, for this!

This is from a new phone interview with KISS 95.7 In the Morning with Ryan Seacrest. Many thanks to Queen g for the audio link / podcast:



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